Our Big Annual Events


Easter is always a big day for Anchor. We always begin the day with a sunrise service, which lasts about 30 minutes. Then everyone goes to the downstairs fellowship hall for a big breakfast.

After the breakfast, we gather for a worship service. We pull out all the stops, doing our best music and doing whatever it takes to make the day extra special.

Here are a bunch of photos from Easters of years past.

Stillwater Service and Baptism

In May, we go to the Stillwater retreat (just south of Fort Wayne) for a church picnic and baptism. We started this in 1999 (doing it in September back then). We hold the service in the main building, and then we all walk to the pond for the baptismal service.

After that, we return to the main building for a potluck dinner. People stick around to swim, canoe, fish, play games, and eat some more. It’s always a fun day.

Here’s an album of photos from Stillwater over the years.

Halloween Party and Maze

This is a popular event for the community, as parents bring their kids to the church after trick-or-treating. After trick-or-treating, neighborhood people (and beyond) come to Anchor. We usually have a very scary maze people can walk and crawl through (if they dare). Then, downstairs, we have treats. The place is always filled with people.

Here are photos from our Halloween events over the years.

Anniversary Service

Our first service was October 17, 1998. We hold an anniversary service each year, recognizing our roots.

Operation Christmas Child

In 2009, we began collecting shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child, a program of Samaritan’s Purse. Thousands of churches participate in this. Members of the congregation put together a shoebox of materials for a child in a third world country.

The boxes are collected around Thanksgiving time, and then sent to a Samaritan’s Purse collection center.

Christmas Gifts and Cards

During December, people buy gifts for Anchor–little, inexpensive things that every church needs. Things like coffee, napkins, paper towels, copier paper, tape, toilet paper, stamps, cleaning supplies, dish soap–you get the idea.

People wrap up the gifts and bring them to the church. Then, on the Sunday before Christmas, we open them together. The gifts are all brought to the front of the sanctuary. Children then pass them out to adults, who open the gifts. The kids bring the bounty back to the front.

People also like to send Christmas cards. But to save everyone on postage, they just bring the cards to church with the person’s name on it. We then pass out the cards at the same time the presents are being opened.

It’s a very festive time, with Christmas music playing and everyone having a great time. Especially the kids.

Here’s an album of photos from Christmas events over the years.

Church Pancake Breakfast

On the first or second Sunday after Christmas (depending on where Christmas falls), we hold an all-church pancake breakfast downstairs. We feast on a scrumptious breakfast, and then hold the service right there, around the tables.