There's a lot to do. It'd be nice to have a few more hands. Looking for a church with kids? We got 'em! How ‘bout dem Colts! Everyone needs a fresh start now and then. Let there be food, and more food! We all need some good traveling companions. If you come to Anchor, you need to know how to laugh.

Christmas Eve with Anchor

Anchor Community Church will be celebrating Christmas Eve on December 24th, 7pm with a candle-light service, carols and cookies. The community is invited to join us for this holiday event!

Alongside a creative re-telling of the Christmas story, we’ll offer up prayers for our community and world.

The Christ that came for Israel will come again for us all – bringing peace on earth and good will towards humanity. Let us remember and join the true meaning of Christmas.


5th Annual 46808 Neighborhood Churches Worship Together @ Hamilton Park!

Anchor will be worshipping with other neighborhood churches from the 46808 community at Hamilton Park on Sunday September 6th, 10:30am. Our worship team will be leading the music, and Andrew Hoffman of NeighborLink FW will be our guest speaker! If your last name ends with the letter A-O, bring a main dish for the picnic potluck; if your last name ends with P-Z, bring a side dish and dessert to share. And bring your own chairs for comfort (and table service for eating… we’ll have drinks available there).

46808 Worship Hamilton

This event helps demonstrate the unity we have in Jesus Christ, the love we have for God and our neighborhood. We want our community to be full of more faith, hope and love because of our worshipping congregations who meet here week after week, decade after decade. Our worship together is connected to our serving together in the 46808; we’re trying to follow the Lord’s lead in his persevering work for the reconciliation of all things!

Redemption House + TinCaps = Homerun!

Support the local baseball team and a local ministry for women in transition from prison all in one day, at the same time! Get your tickets now for this great opportunity to spread the word about Redemption House Ministries while hanging out with friends from Anchor while watching the Fort Wayne TinCaps! Email to order a ticket – only $8!

TinCaps Game RH

Anchor & Easter 2015

He has Risen! He has Risen Indeed!

Join Anchor for Easter on Sunday April 5th, 2015! We will be hosting worship gatherings at 8am and 10am. Join us for one or both! Our 8am worship gathering will feature a Sonrise Breakfast in the Fellowship Hall, along with Scripture readings and prayers. Our 10am worship gathering in the Sanctuary will feature joyous singing, a dramatic presentation of the Easter story, and a proclamation of the Gospel.


Invite your friends and family to Easter Sunday at Anchor Community Church as we celebrate the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.


You are also invited to join Anchor for Palm Sunday on March 29th at Anchor and Good Friday on April 3rd at noon at First Mennonite Church, 1213 St. Mary’s Avenue.

Vote for Neighborhoods! Love Your City!

As part of the neighborhood, Anchor is doing our part to help get more stuff done in our community. By hosting this event, we’re making connections between neighbors and candidates for city council and mayor. It’s part of a larger effort to help neighborhoods to take responsibility for solving the problems and building on the assets that are there. Join us for the third of a series of meetings, led by Neighborhoods United on the fourth Monday of the month.

Join us for Vote for Neighborhoods! Love Your City! April 27th, 7pm at Anchor Community Church.


Redemption House at Chick-fil-A: Fun Fundraiser!

Support Redemption House Ministries for supper Monday Feb 23 5:30-7:30pm at Jefferson Pointe Mall. Proceeds from all meal sales go to support this great work of love!


Anchor & Lent 2015

Here are some recommended ways for you to participate in Lent with Anchor this year:

* Will you gather on Good Friday to remember the crucifixion of our Lord? Join us at First Mennonite Church, 1213 St. Mary’s Avenue at noon for a time of worship and reflection with other 46808 neighborhood churches. Pastor Matthew Leffler of Trinity United Methodist Church will be the preaching pastor, Pastor Peter Janzen will be the hosting pastor.


* Lent and Missions? Every year we take time during the Lenten season to receive money to send towards missionaries we support around the world. Lent is marked by Jesus’ command: “repent and believe the Good News!” That’s what we do here in America, and it’s what missionaries do around the world. Lent’s a season for self-denial, and one way is to take money we would normally spend on ourselves and send it to missionaries preaching the Good News on the other side of the globe. Prayerfully consider what the Lord is prompting you to give towards the spread of the gospel. 


* What will you give up for Lent? A simple way to do Lent is to identify an item for the season. It’s popular to give up coffee, chocolate or Facebook, some give up cussing or smoking, still others go deeper and forsake a sin. It’s an act of self-denial, an action we tend to avoid. The season of self-denial connects us to the theme of self-denial that marked the whole life of Jesus. What starts off as a season of self-denial for us could become a way of life.


* What will you do for Ash Wednesday? Join Anchor for our film event at 7pm featuring the highly acclaimed Calvary. A small group discussion will follow of the Lenten themes embedded in the clever mystery-murder movie.



* Observe Lent on Sundays? We gather for worship every Sunday morning at 10am, an event open to the public. Join us for a time to reconnect with the God in this season of repentance and new beginnings. We’ll be delving into a new sermon series, What Did You Expect? How Sinners Learn to Love God. Lent’s a season about seeing the truth of our sinful condition and our need for a Lord to deliver us. We’ll be walking through the Scriptures which point us to the cross, redemption and new opportunities to join the Lord in his restoration of all things here in our community.


* Want to hear from God? Not only are we reading Scripture together in worship, but we are reading God’s word throughout the week as part of a Community Bible Reading Experience. Join us Sunday’s at 9am for a group discussion of the weekly readings. See post below for more details. Combine reflective prayer on the heart and will of God as you read through the designated weekly readings as a way to more fully participate in Lent.


* Love your Neighbors in Lent? The neighborhood churches get together throughout the year, including during Lent. We’ll be meeting at Trinity United Methodist Church on Sunday March 8th and then at Anchor on Sunday March 15th, 6pm for a dinner together and then learning about our shared history. Want to see what God is doing in our community? Want to learn how you can join the Lord in his work where we live? Lent is about self-denial which leads to service for others, in the name of Jesus. Maybe you’re already serving the Lord in the community? Come be encouraged for how we can collaborate for the kingdom.

46808 Lenten Flyer 2015



Lent 2015: Community Bible Reading Experience


Here’s a revolutionary idea: let’s actually read the Bible. Whole books. In the community. It’s more doable than you think.

This Lenten Season, Anchor Community Church will explore the Old Testament together. We’ll read five days a week and share the journey in weekly small group gatherings. We’ll immerse ourselves in every word of the first twelve books of the Old Testament – understanding it in context, experience  it in community.

To sign up: call/text Pastor Tim Hallman – 260-417-1668 or email – OT Bible costs $8

Check out this promo video and join on Sundays at 9am!

Anchor + Christmas

Anchor loves to celebrate Christmas! Here are a few ways you can enjoy your Christmas with Anchor:

Join us on Sundays 10am for our new sermon series –  CHRISTISNOWHERE: How Can Jesus Be King Of Your Christmas? We’re exploring in this Advent season how to prepare for celebrating the arrival of Jesus as King at Christmas. One of the ways we prepare is through honesty: sometimes if feels like Christ is nowhere. We see how crazy and painful life can be, it makes us doubt that Jesus is King. That honesty about our doubt makes way for a stronger faith: first we must believe that Christ is now here if we are going to see it. What does it look like for Jesus to be your king? That’s what we’re learning to do during this Advent season.


Join us for a special Christmas Dinner on Sunday December 21st, 12pm following our worship gathering. We’re putting together a fancy feast for our congregation to share together, traditional ham and other dishes. Invite a friend and join us! St. Nick will be there for pictures with kids of all ages, plus some fun games and gifts!

You can also join us for our annual Christmas Eve worship gathering on December 24th, 7pm. We’ll gather for about an hour for singing, scripture reading, praying and lighting candles – our final preparation of gratitude for the wonderful gift of King Jesus at Christmas. We’ll have homemade Christmas cookies to share afterwards!

One more way you can get in the spirit of Christmas: you can purchase basic supplies for Anchor and for Redemption House (bathroom amenities, cleaning supplies, disposable tableware, and other items). They’re gifts you you can give for the hospitality we offer all year round. If you make a purchase for Anchor, wrap it up like a gift and bring it with you to church on Sunday Dec 21st. To make a donation to Redemption House, visit their website.


Halloween Maze!

Since 1998 Anchor has hosted our annual Neighborhood Halloween Maze and Carnival! Free food and candy, games and prizes, and our exciting maze for kids!

Join us from 6-8pm while you are trick or treating through the neighborhood! Everyone is welcome to hang out, check out the maze, enjoy a free meal, and see all the costumes!



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