There's a lot to do. It'd be nice to have a few more hands. Looking for a church with kids? We got 'em! How ‘bout dem Colts! Everyone needs a fresh start now and then. Let there be food, and more food! We all need some good traveling companions. If you come to Anchor, you need to know how to laugh.

Things to Know About Us

Anchor Community Church is a vibrant and progressive evangelical Christian church located in Fort Wayne, Ind., just northwest of the downtown in a residential community. We’re a neighborhood church with a lot going for us! The neighbors love having us around, we work to help make the community a better place to live, and we like to have a lot of fun along the way.

Maybe you’d like to join us. We’d love to have you be part of what Jesus is doing in our corner of the city. There are a lot of good churches in Fort Wayne. We’re glad to be collaborating with a bunch of them to be good news to our neighbors. Maybe Anchor is just what you’re looking for. That would be wonderful.

Here’s What We’re Like

We’re committed to loving our neighborhood. Many people drive in, some coming from as far as Huntington. But our focus is the community right around the church.

We’re free of hangups about clothes. Bluejeans are common, though you might find a few people wearing ties. The pastor rarely preaches wearing a tie.

We’re a friendly bunch, and we really really like each other.

The worship is lively and meaningful. We don’t like being bored.

We have a great music team–guitars, drums, keyboard, and other instruments. We like it when they do peppy music. We use a lot of the new worship music being written today. Sometimes people clap, sometimes not.

We like to laugh. A lot.

We’re committed to following God’s Word and to the central doctrines of the faith.

We don’t get hung-up on a lot of issues on which the Bible isn’t clear. For instance, we know Christ will return someday, but we don’t say, “This is how and when it’s going to happen.” We believe all Christians should be baptized, but we don’t require that baptism occur in a particular way. And if you’ve been baptized already, we don’t require that you be baptized again to be a member of our church.

Our deeply-cushioned seats are incredibly comfortable. For what it’s worth.

We don’t put up walls between ourselves and Christians who happen to attend other churches. We want the other churches around us to thrive, too.

We’re excited about serving Jesus Christ, who makes life meaningful and can bring good out any mess we get ourselves into.

Service Times

10 am Sunday morning


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Anchor Community Church

1529 Third Street
Fort Wayne, Ind. 46808

Phone: 260.422.2724